Cross into Creativity: Creative Writing Retreats in Captivating Locales

Ready to take your writing to the next level? Write Away Europe’s writing retreats are an opportunity to disconnect from your everyday life and reconnect with your creative vision in an inspiring setting surrounded by a small supportive group of like-minded writers and knowledgeable experienced facilitators.

Write Away Europe has been helping writers of every level achieve their creative goals for over a decade in some of the most beautiful and inspiring settings in Europe.


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Giving you the tools to harness your creative vision and expand and embrace your creative potential.

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Daily Writing Workshops clarify and demystify the essential elements of good storytelling.

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Get the insight and encouragement to empower you to tell the story only you can tell.

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Learn to live the write way: to make writing an integral part of your life and find your ideal creative process.

How Write Away Europe Retreats Revitalize Your Writing and Your Life

When you join a Write Away Europe Writing Retreat, you’ll be taking a big step toward achieving your creative goals. After over a decade of experience hosting dozens of Write Away Retreats and helping hundreds of writers, we’ve established and refined a successful structure that lays the groundwork for a fulfilling week of inspiration and interaction, connection and creativity.

Open to Emerging & Established Writers Seeking to Tell Their Story

Write Away Europe participants have included writers of every level, from beginning writers seeking to take the first steps in their writing journey to successfully published award-winners and Oscar-nominated screenwriters. Whether writing fiction or non-fiction, for stage or screen, for personal reasons or publication, writers share many of the same challenges and the same goals — how to tell their story to the very best of their ability.

Genius Germinates in Groups: Creativity, Confidence & Community

The Writer Away Europe Retreats are here to help you on that journey. Whether you need a creative recharge, a boost in confidence, guidance on elements of craft, or a chance to disconnect from the demands of your everyday life and reconnect with your creative vision, the Write Away Retreat experience offers all that. And more.

Write Away Europe Retreats include:

Creating the Conditions for a Stimulating Environment of Inspiration, Guidance & Support

Write Away Europe Retreats offer what many writers don’t always get in their everyday lives: a wholly immersive opportunity to connect with a group of like-minded creatives in a beautiful, safe, and inspiring setting. As the retreat experience unfolds, you find that you have become a part of a community of creatives all sharing the same passions and invigorating experience. Most participants stay in touch with one another long after the retreats, helping one another pursue their creative visions. You’ll benefit from the forging of community, the inspiration of the group, and the helpful guidance of the Write Away Europe facilitators.

Write Away Europe Retreats are designed to help you glean inspiration from the group and also to help you get to know yourself better as a writer. To help you build ownership of your creative purpose — and pursue it with new commitment, confidence and enthusiasm.

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The Write Away Europe team brings together a committed staff with years of experience in writing, teaching and exclusive specialty travel to bring you inspiring and rewarding Writers Retreats in some of Europe's most stunning and inspiring settings.

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