April 14-20, 2024


Writers & aspiring writers with works in progress and/or germinating ideas or projects to polish and bring to fruition


Our France Chateau Writers Retreat: An inspiring and immersive week to focus on your writing, get feedback and guidance, generate new ideas and gain the confidence and commitment to bring them to life

  • 6 nights Accommodation in a stunning French Chateau with outdoor gardens & swimming pool
  • All meals, breakfasts, lunches & dinners included
  • Daily Round Table Writing Discussions with facilitators
  • Daily Round Table Writing Workshops with facilitators
  • Write Away Europe Writer's Inventory & Self-Assessment
  • Write Away Europe Comprehensive Writing Compendium
  • Wine tasting & Local excursion
  • Transfers to the Chateau


Reserve your place now: $3,950 single occupancy

Cross into Creativity at the Write Away Europe
France Writers Retreat


Embrace la vie en rose at our Write Away France Retreat in this stunning superbly restored Renaissance chateau set on sprawling well-tended grounds of 130-acres bordering the river Dronne in the beautiful Périgord region. The picture-perfect chateau and the stunning setting, well-appointed bedrooms, lovely indoor common areas and sprawling outdoor gardens and heated swimming pool are an idyllic setting to spark your creativity and inspire your writing as this gloried past becomes a part of your future.


The Renaissance chateau in which you’ll wake every morning in your own luxurious private room with four-poster bed and en suite bath. A delicious breakfast awaits you downstairs prepared by our chef. At the morning Round Table Writing Discussion, we’ll delve into the craft of writing. You will learn more about why you write, what you’re writing, and how you can tell your stories to the very best of your ability. We will then enjoy a sumptuous lunch prepared by our chef. You’ll then have plenty of time for writing or swimming, biking, relaxing or exploring during the afternoon and find moments of inspiration all around you in the storied countryside. In the evenings, we’ll reconvene for the Round Table Writing Workshop, a time to share and get feedback and support on your day’s writing in a helpful and encouraging environment. We will then enjoy the delectable dinner our chef has prepared using locally sourced products as well as continued engaging convivial discussions on writing and the writing life.


You will be a part of a curated creative community including aspiring, established and emerging writers all seeking to tell their stories the best way possible with guidance from experienced facilitators. New faces will quickly merge into new friends and a staunch support group. While you share a lot about yourself and the stories you’re striving to tell, you will also learn and benefit from the creative camaraderie and look at you’re writing and the world in new and fresh way.


There’s a shape to all good stories that involves change and the arc of the France Writing Retreat is that when you arrive at this fairy-tale setting, you’ll begin to leave the world behind. You’ll have the time and the community to focus on yourself and writing. As the week progresses, you’ll hone your writing skills, generate new ideas, get feedback and support, and learn to embrace being a writer. By the conclusion, you’ll find your ideal creative process, be empowered to write the story only you can write and make writing an integral part of your life.


Just like great writing lives in the margins, the France Writers Retreat goes beyond expectations and much of the magic is in the margins: the intangible moments that happen when you are free without inhibitions to be, to engage in your surroundings, to share your stories and be generous with yourself and your newfound tribe. You will hone your writing skills, generate new ideas, get feedback and support, and learn to embrace being a writer. It is an intensely personal experience, and there will be laughter, tears, and joy during this transformational retreat that helps you become the best writer you can be.


Write Away Europe has been gracing the stage of France and many other captivating destinations in Europe and the glowing reviews are in. You can read them here: Write Away Reviews and the Write Away Retreat Experience.

Reviews & the Retreat Experience Write Away France Writing Retreat


Write Away

Giving you the tools to harness your creative vision and expand and embrace your creative potential.

Write Away

Daily Writing Workshops clarify and demystify the essential elements of good storytelling.

Write Away

Get the insight and encouragement to empower you to tell the story only you can tell.

Write Away

Learn to live the write way: to make writing an integral part of your life and find your ideal creative process.

Write Away Europe France Writers Retreat
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Write Away France Retreat
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Write Away Europe France Retreat
Write Away Europe Retreat in Perigord France

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